Mr Browns BBQ & Smoked Food - Umhlanga

4 Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal


Mr Browns is the first BBQ smoked foods quick service outlet that the country has ever seen. They are not just a BBQ smoked foods brand, they are a lifestyle, A following and an energy not to be missed. The food, people and THE vibe are there to make a statement, to be known and desired by all.

Mr Browns is not just a little corner in a fresh stop. They have attitude and the attitude starts with MR Brown - the face of Smoked food. The brand is built around people, people with passion, motivation and drive to take something that has legs and give it wings to fly.

The team, brand, Smoked greatness - are a loose fitting team of old hippies, crazy graphic designers, entrepreneurs of note and the choreographer of the production. The one common denominator is that they have THE passion and drive for a brand that they believe in. Mr Browns team are the first and foremost addicts of Mr. Browns BBQ and smoked food. Well if you have to know they are huge fans of diners, drive inns and dives. Oh and they love to cook and get a thrill out of customer satisfaction. Willie the energy behind the brand realized a gap in the market and as they knew him he grabbed the opportunity by the balls and here they are now, with a little shop in hillcrest that has a following of note and the potential to be a great brand.

Mr Browns is the home of BBQ and smoked food. A variety of foods all prepared with their own secret recipes ranging from pulled pork sandwiches to burgers, salads and Wraps.

A flavor experience not to be missed.