Honest Chocolate

66 Wale Street, Cape Town


Honest Chocolate is a small artisanal chocolate company based in Cape Town, South Africa. All their chocolates are hand crafted in to small batches using traditional, old school chocolate making methods, including hand tempering the chocolate on a granite slab tabletop and hand dipping each chocolate bonbon. The bonbons are then boxed up and the slabs individually wrapped using eco friendly paper.

Honest Chocolate is handmade in Cape Town, South Africa using only the finest raw (unroasted), organic Ecuadorian cacao. There are no preservatives, artificial flavouring or emulsifiers so as to keep the chocolate as pure as possible. It is also free of dairy and processed sugar, making it a healthier alternative.

Honest Chocolate selection:

  • Bonbon Truffle
  • Slabs
  • Spread