Col’Cacchio Pizzeria - Hermanus

Station Square, Hermanus, Western Cape


Italian food is less about a style of cooking and more about a passion for it. Who but the nation that practically invented the term “love” could create such amazing dishes with something as humble as a tomato? It has been said if you want to know why God gave you a nose, order something with fresh basil pesto on it.

Italian dishes are seasonal. Some gastronomes wait a whole year to make their greatest Italian salads from baby rocket leaves dressed with the year’s first olive oil pressings. Try it just once and you’ll understand why it’s worth the wait.

The preparation of traditional Italian food can’t be hurried neither can its enjoyment. So what better way to enjoy it than with both hands or swirled to luscious capacity around a fork. Any great chef will tell you the messier the tablecloth the more they know you’ve truly enjoyed your Italian pizza and pasta.

The truth is Col’Cacchio Pizzeria has a secret ingredient. Passion. You’ll find it in everything they serve.