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Team BODYHELIXTM is comprised of athletes, researchers, business professionals, designers and other supporters who are all interested in creating ways for everyone to enhance performance and prevent or manage injuries.

BODYHELIXTM products allow you to perform at a higher level for a longer time. Made of our state-of-the-art SuperStretchTM and OmniSkynTM technologies, these products offer an unparalleled combination of support, flexibility, and comfort through muscle compression - which is the key to combating the undesired effects of vibratory impact.

Support products from BODYHELIXTM are an invaluable tool for use while training, competing, or recovering from your event.

BODYHELIXTM is a result of sports injury research and know how. Built with top materials to ensure quality and performance, during, and after your sporting activity.

Sports people who use BODYHELIXTM say:

  • Helps and prevents sports injury
  • Stays in position
  • Superior comfort
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Reduces swelling
  • Gives you total freedom of movement